It's a No Brainer

An organic art party for the senses

Thursday nights have long been one of the best nights to go out in Miami. Whether it was penny beers and reggae at the Hungry Sailor in ’97 or The District in ’05, Thursdays are cheaper and more fun.

With the very direct name "No Brainer," PS14’s Thursday night party is thrown by the guys who DJ in the second room at Poplife. Appropriate to the recent soul-crushing heat wave, the night focuses on summertime fun. Going to PS14 is not exactly like going to the beach, but it’s often as hot and getting drunk in both places is pretty fun. The beer is basically free with one dollar Red Stripes till one a.m. The essential elements of the night are art, music, and good times -- and people, of course.

This week an exhibition curated by Katrina Toimil, features local photographers inspired by the balmy season and will be displayed inside to add to the aesthetic. They’re still taking submissions, so get out your cameras and get with the summer program.

Each week, DJ Lost Dog, otherwise known as Benton Galgay, will be compiling audio portfolios, or musical mixes, if you will, featured online. It’s like a lovely present to your ears that you get for free from your computer. Some music featured are local bands, recorded onsite, and some of it is just music Benton likes.

This week’s montage is called “Summer’s Swelling.” If you’re interested in contributing musically or artistically, there’s more info on the No Brainer site.

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