It's Wine Time

The Miami Wine and Food Festival starts pouring April 23 through 25. Bring a glass and get in on the action

You like wine. You like food. Boy, are you a rare breed. Join other novice sommeliers and foodies at the Miami Wine and Food Festival April 23 through 25.

If you consider yourself gourmand, chances are you don’t like the taste of Spam. But we think you’ll enjoy the sounds of the Spam Allstars when they host opening night’s Taste and Toast celebration alongside the libations of 60 international wineries and bites from 30 eateries.

Wine leads to liquor on Friday night’s Food, Friends and Fun when cocktails come from the likes of Bacardi, Grey Goose and Dewar’s. But wine isn’t entirely out of the picture. Look for live auctions on rare wine collections. And fill up on a meal you’ll cook with guidance by Michael Schwartz of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink.

On Saturday, add some sparkle to your wine with champagnes and even more live auctions.

Then go ahead and give your liver a break on Sunday. Lord knows it’s going to need a day off after a weekend like this.

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