Jackie Nespral Talks About Balancing a Career and Motherhood

News anchor Jackie Nespral talks about how she balances family life and a successful career.

NBC 6's Jackie Nespral will be celebrating Mother's Day with her four children,  husband and extended family with a traditional brunch.

In light of the special day, Nespral shared some advice on she balances a career and motherhood.

She says her biggest challenge as a mother has been learning to let go and understand that she won’t be in every one of her children’s activities.

“I can’t control everything and I can’t be everywhere,” she said. “I cannot go to every dance recital or every single parent-teacher conference. I work, and I cannot be involved in every single aspect of the childrens’ lives.”

But Nepal has learned to delegate responsibility to other family members and said she tries her best to be present in as many activities as possible.

“I try to be there as much as possible,” Nespral said. “But there are things that I am going to miss and I have to learn to let go and know that other people will do just as good of a job as I do.”

“My family is my first and foremost, number one,” Nespral said. “Everything else is a distant second in terms of priorities.”

Despite being an Emmy Award-winning journalist and anchor of NBC 6 News at 5 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., Nespral said she is primarily a mother.

“It takes a commitment to making it work, organization and help,” she said. “If you have all of those things in place you can balance a family life and a successful career.”

She has made plenty of sacrifices but said she has received the help and support of her husband, mother, in-laws and even her own children.

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Being a mother is not easy, but Nespral said she focuses on the special moments she gets to spend with her children such as going out on the boat, going out to a movie or traveling together.

“There is nothing that you can read to prepare you for being a mom,” Nespral said. “It has to come from within and from your heart and from your experiences.”

This year, Nespral will continue the Mother’s Day tradition of uniting the family. She plans to invite her family members to a brunch in her house, a tradition that started since she became a mom.

“If you have the best intentions with your children, you learn from them and they learn from them,” Nespral said. “The best advice that I can give is to be yourself and try to make decisions from your heart.”

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