Jerry Bruckheimer Talks ‘Pirates 4,' ‘Lone Ranger' & ‘Sorcerer's Apprentice'

Jerry Bruckheimer is known as a producer who likes to have multiple big budget projects in film and TV in production or development all at the same time.

When the prolific producer sat down with Access Hollywood to talk up his latest release, the family friendly guinea pig super spy 3D film "G-Force," Jerry had a simple response when asked about an update on "Pirates of the Caribbean 4," especially concerning Johnny Depp's involvement in the billion dollar franchise that brought moviegoers the much loved Captain Jack Sparrow:

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"He's there," Bruckheimer promised.

While any other returning cast members, such as Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightley, have yet to be confirmed, Depp's on-screen return to the high seas certainly guarantees the latest entry a firm anchor at the film's core.

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Bill Nighy, who played the tentacle faced villain Davy Jones in the series, would welcome the opportunity to return to the pirate world and team up again with Depp and Bruckheimer following his live action role in "G-Force."

"If the call comes, I'm there like a shot," he promised. "'Pirates' was one of the great things to happen to me in my career. I would be happy to be in it."

"We're working on it," Bruckheimer continued regarding the film's progress. "We're very excited about it and we hope to start filming it next year.


"The writers are working on it. Same writers who wrote the first three, so it has the same kind of adventure, fun, and humor that we've given you in the past," he added.

In regards to rock legend Keith Richards' return to the series, who played pirate daddy to Depp's swashbuckling Sparrow in the third entry "At World's End," Bruckheimer was a bit more tight lipped at the possibility.

"We don't know yet, we're not going to give that away," he said.

Bruckheimer also confirmed news regarding his update on the classic serial "The Lone Ranger," specifically as to who will be saddling up as the title character's loyal Indian sidekick.

"Johnny is going to play 'Tonto,'" he revealed, "So we're excited about that."

Also coming up for Bruckheimer is the live action update of Disney's animated "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," starring Nic Cage as The Sorcerer.

"I love to entertain a whole audience, not just the adults. This time were trying to get them when they're young. Get them in a nice PG or G movie, and we'll move them up to our PG-13's when they're old enough," he laughed.

"We just finished filming a couple nights ago and it's a really special movie. We've got a really wonderful cast," Bruckheimer admitted to Access.

Cage, who said he is "very hopeful" about the movie, elaborated a little on his role in the adaptation of the most famous segment of Disney's 1940 classic "Fantasia."

"The character is a spooky sorcerer, but he's all good. I'm trying to find my apprentice," he revealed.

When asked about possibly wearing a big magic hat in the movie, Cage said that was still up in the air.

"The hat was a little on the fence with the powers that be. But I like the hat," he said with a smile.

"G-Force," produced by Bruckheimer and featuring the voice of Cage as "Speckles," and a live action performance from Nighy as Leonard Saber," opens July 24.

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