Jon Marks 10 Years of Marriage Moping Alone

Kate played with the kids back home, while hubby hung out in New York

TV dad Jon Gosselin marked a decade of marriage to Kate alone and 150 miles away from his brood.

The couple, stars of the TLC show "Jon & Kate Plus Eight," have admitted their marriage is in trouble, but Jon's presence in West Nyack, N.Y., far from the family compound in Wernersville, Pa., seemed to underscore their matrimonial troubles, reported People magazine. 

While Kate played with the kids back home, patriarch Jon ate lunch at an Asian restaurant with a pal. But at least this time, his dining companion wasn't female.  

A waiter at the Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill told PEOPLE that Gosselin sat in the back of the restaurant for about 45 minutes on Saturday afternoon. "He was shy and reserved," the waiter said.

But he did gab with his kids on the  phone, according to the waiter.

Jon also browsed at a couple of the shops – Brooks Brothers and The Sports Authority – at the Palisades Center mall that day.

"He didn't look very happy," said an employee at Brooks Brothers. "It looked like he just wanted to be left alone."

He returned home on Monday.

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