Jon Stewart's Top 7 Most Vicious Take Downs

A roundup of The Daily Show's greatest you-got-owned moments, starring our boyfriend Jon Stewart

We've made no bones about our deep, abiding lurve for Jon Stewart (behind whom we may or may not have stood in line at a Starbucks once, whereupon we may or may not have sort of sniffed his neck, which may or may not smell like rainbows and unicorns. As expected.). And never is our love for Stewart stronger than when he picks a mark and goes for the jugular -- but manages to remain genial and graceful! The most famous example is probably his recent pantsing of Jim Cramer, but the shouty Mad Money host is just one in a long line of (totally deserving) victims.

The Comedy Central crew knows we're on this stuff like white on rice, so they rounded up Jon Stewart's Top 7 Most Vicious Take Downs. Lou Dobbs! John Bolton! Chris Matthews! All owned! To relive the magic, head over to the Indecision blog. Oh Jon <blush> you vicious, vicious thing.

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