JWOWW: Miami More Upscale Than Jersey Shore

There are many monumental events that have happened in history that will always stick out in our mind. And since its start in 2009, we can all agree that the location of where we were when we watched our first episode of Jersey Shore will forever be embedded in our memory.

If having them on our TVs every Thursday night wasn’t enough, the city of Miami Beach had the joy of housing the cast in the summer of 2010. And before they once again abandon the Shore for Italy next season, we caught up with one of the stars of the show, Jenni "JWOWW" Farley, on Lincoln Road to talk about everything from her time in the 305 to how she keeps her fat-free body.

So, welcome back to Miami. When you guys were filming here, did you miss the Shore?

They are two different places. Miami is very martini lounges, it’s a lot more upscale. The Jersey Shore reminds me of college. It's fun, and people are there just to have a good time. But honestly, both are great.

How do you stay in such good shape?
It's Ab Cuts, it's working out and now, I’m just really happy with my boyfriend. With my ex, I really wasn't that happy, so finding someone that I enjoy being with and also working out with really helps.

How does he make you happy?
Honestly, he’s just nice. We're able to do things that I just couldn’t do with the person I was dating before, so whether it’s the gym, go carts, snowmobiling, or just hanging out, it's just great. He is just phenomenal.

Are you guys excited for Italy next season?
Well, we know nothing. But I’m very excited. I am worried about the gyms. I don’t know where I’m going to work out or go tanning! I might have to ship a tanning bed over.

Is everyone coming back?
Yep, we’re all going back. Spinoffs for people will happen when we get back.

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