Keeping It Real Raw

Leave your deodorant at home, it’s time to stay raw

Miami tries time and again to become a music city, failing often, like with Langerado, and barely making it, like with drug-drenched Ultra. As far as a progressive scene goes that reflects the direction youth culture is moving in, we’ve been long stunted.

This weekend though, a bunch of talented little ones have put together a music and art event the So Raw Festival. They have wisely advertised with a simple slab of meat, encouraging the carnivorous beast in us each. So Raw’s tagline states their purpose “to prove that Miami has the rawest talent around.” We can all agree that raw isn’t always ideal, unless it’s carpaccio or pornography. In this case, though, in a city rife with tacky pretension and forests of fake boobs, a raw music festival is refreshingly hopeful.

Two things that we’re looking forward to beside the 20 bands and 6 visual artists are Kevin the Bacon, the official mascot, because even vegetarians like bacon secretly, and Elena Chiriboga’s Truth Booth, where someone gives you a “truthful” opinion on your appearance. So, if you want to give someone a buck to tell you you’re hideous, this would be the place.

Miami favorites the Jacuzzi Boys, who were recently reviewed on Pitchfork Media, will be performing on Saturday. Their sound, though it has matured over the last few years, still sort of exemplifies the “rawness” that an honest ear craves. Other performers you may have seen around town at Churchill’s, Sweat or The Vagabond include Electric Bunnies, Hahahelp, Palm Trees and This Heart Electric.

Friday and Saturday night’s events will take place starting at 7 at ‘ISM Gallery, while Saturday afternoon’s party starts at noon at the chillest hangout spot around, the Upper East Side Garden. The event isn’t free, but there will be some free libations. Thankfully, in super raw style, BYOB is encouraged.

There will be an official after-party at Miami’s own Poplife at White Room, offering reduced admission with So Raw wristband.


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