Starlet Kellita Smith Parties With NFL in Miami: “This Is the Female's Vegas!”

Game or no game, it is no secret why Kellita Smith came to Miami this week.

"I came here to party," she said last night.  "I think this is the female's Vegas."

Surrounded by some of the world's best athletes at the NFL Association's premier of Lounge XLIV, Kellita, who gained fame from her role on "The Bernie Mac Show" as Wanda McCullough has already made her mark in the Super Bowl party scene in the Magic City.

"I've been everywhere," she said last night.  "It's been really crazy. I can't even tell you where I've been, but I've been everywhere."

The fiesty brunette said she keeps coming back to Miami for three reasons: "The seafood, the cocktails and looking at men -- that's why I have a short dress on!" she said.

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