Jewelry Designer Kelly Cimber: from Driving Boats to Polishing Stones

Miami fashionistas came out to the Moore Space en masse for the Sassy City Chicks Second Annual Fashion Bash sample sale. The lines were long for the sweet cotton candy flavored Pinnacle Vodka and ladies swarmed around the racks of clothing and jewelry. The event included local designers, boutiques and artisans, including big names like KREL Wear by Karelle Levy and Lorie Lester.

Designer Kelly Cimber was selling her handmade jewelry. Most of the pieces showcase lovely big stones, while others are more delicate, feminine, and classic for Cimber Designs. Niteside asked the Connecticut naive, Miami Beach resident a few questions about stones, her badass past, and where we can find her lovely creations.  

How long have you been making jewelry for? 
I've been making jewelry for about two years. I've been doing it full-time for the last year. 
Did you ever do crafts as a kid? How'd you get inspired to do this? 
I always had a love for rocks. I had a rock collection and I always wanted to be a designer of some sort, so I combined the two. 
What were you before this? 
I was a lieutenant in the Coast Guard. 
So, you know how to swim and save people's lives. Do you fly helicopters? 
No, but I used to drive a 210-foot cutter though. 
That's cool. Very powerful. What's your favorite stone to work with? 
I love pyrite stone. It's also known as fool's gold because when they used to mine for it, they used think they were finding gold. 
How'd you get involved in this event? 
I do a lot of the Sassy Chick events. I just did their San Diego and San Francisco events. I'm looking forward to their L.A. one next month. 
What's you for you next?
Right now, I'm in all the W Hotel stores and 40 other boutiques, but I'm looking forward to keep growing my brand and being in as many stores and boutiques as possible. 
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