Kiss This

Makeup-wearing rockers descend on Fort Lauderdale

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Close your eyes. Now think, what does rock ‘n’ roll look like to you? It looks like Gene Simmons in full Kiss regalia in front of throngs of worshiping fans, doesn’t it? Maybe Eddie Van Halen is there somewhere in the back of your psyche, but Kiss clearly takes the cake with their black and white makeup and that frighteningly long tongue. Maybe these glam rockers don’t have the ultimate rock sound you’ve always dreamed of, but they sure as hell own the look and the performance.

Don’t let Gene’s Family Jewels reality show let you think he’s gone soft. He’s a quirky dad with a “normal” life, but he’s still the old pervy talent we’ve come to love over the years. Co-founders Paul Stanley and Simmons still slap on the face paint and create a truly memorable scene for their legions of diehard fans. Since 1973, the group has recorded over 37 albums, selling over 100 million worldwide. The success is in not only the sales, but in the genuine love and obsession of the people.

These guys guys played on American Idol this past May, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still rule the rock stage. The world tour, Alive 35, just shows us that some bands never lose their luster. They’ll be performing at the Bank Atlantic Center in Fort Lauderdale tonight at 7:30.

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