Kitchen Inquisition: Chef Claude Troisgros

The Michelin Star recipient talks "it" fish, his grandma's gnocchi and what ingredient he's so over

We wouldn't change anything about the Delano. That said, we admit we drooled a little when we heard the iconic hotel's restaurant was getting a makeover. Chef Claude Troisgros, with the addition of his son Thomas, remains at the helm, but Blue Door Fish -- as it's now called - now boasts a more "purist Mediterranean approach." That means a seafood-centric menu featuring dishes like scallops a la plancha in brown butter sauce and carmelized octopus. Here, the Michelin Star recipient talks "it" fish, his grandma's gnocchi and what ingredient he's so over.

We're sure all the dishes on the Delano's new menu are like your children, but which are you most proud of?
I think every dish on the menu is unique, but the one I am most proud of is the Dover Sole Meuniere.

What fresh, local ingredients are you digging right now?
The Cobia fish, it has fantastic flavor.

Chilean sea bass is so five minutes ago. What's the seafood du jour?
The Amazonian fish like Pirarucu.

Five ingredients every kitchen should have?
Fleur de sel, white peppercorn, fresh herbs, good olive oil and vinegar.

Favorite dish to cook at home?
I really enjoy cooking Brazilian churrasco.

Favorite food memory?
My grandmother preparing homemade gnocchi and tomato sauce. It always brings back great memories and was always delicious.

If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Grilled black angus prime rib. 

Where would we most likely find you when you're not in the kitchen?
Usually doing some sort of outside activity; mountain biking, hang gliding or kitesurfing.

The one ingredient you think is overrated right now?
The most overrated right now would be fresh white truffle.

Best cooking advice anyone ever gave you?
That each dish always needs acidity.

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