Kravitz on Miami: I Want to Get Away!

Lenny Kravitz has sold off the last piece of his Miami property

If the music thing doesn't work out for Lenny Kravitz, he might have a future in real estate. The rocker recently sold his Miami Beach waterfront home for $2.4 million, which doesn't sound like a big deal for a mega star until you realize what he paid for it.

Kravitz bought the property for about $725,000 and it was only on the market for a few months.

Add that profit to the sale of his other mansion in Miami Beach, which went for $14.5 million in 2006. Kravitz bought that Sunset Island property for $8.9 million a few years earlier.

But the question remains, why does Kravitz want so much to leave the Magic City? Are we not hip enough? (Thanks a lot "Miami Social"). Well, at least Kravitz has decided to hold on to his South Beach music studio, for now.

Far be it from us to question one of the coolest cats on the planet, but if it isn't too much trouble, would you be our agent?

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