Meet Lauri Sanders: A Soyka Fixture Behind the Bar

Bartender Lauri Sanders is a beloved mainstay at Miami Modern district's trendy restaurant Soyka's on Wednesdays, where she was serving up her signature cocktails last night.

The teacher-by-day, bartender-by-night is credited with being the venue's most popular employee behind the bar -- and she has been pouring signature cocktails to slew of 305ers for more than a decade

"Soyka has become my home on Wednesdays," said Sanders, while crafting her signature apple martini last night.  "If I'm not here, people tell me, 'You didn't tell me you weren't coming!'"

The Dade (or Wade) County native -- who originally was behind the bar up to six days a week while acquiring her Masters -- was given the shift by owner Mark Soyka, who offered her a weekly Hump Day gig every week.

Now, the crowds fill the stools every week to knock a few back with Sanders.

"As soon as they [regular bar patrons] come though the door, I know what they drink," she said.  "And for the most part, when I see them coming, I will have their drink ready."

She added, "We have kept a homey feel here -- I even stop i n when I'm not working for a drink."

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