Liar, Liar

Liebrary (2)

Normal 0 0 1 107 612 5 1 751 11.1282 0 0 0 Cliffs Notes were never your thing. You were more of the creative type who created a book summary based on its title and cover. Well, whoever told you those skills would get you nowhere obviously never played Liebrary. The bookish board game contains several stacks of cards, each with a book title, author, and plot summary. When you’re up, roll the dice for a genre, pull a card, then share the book title and plot summary with the rest of the group. While others try to concoct a believable first line, you’re goal is to bluff. To score points, players can guess the right answer or have other players guess theirs. You always knew your talents were undiscovered. Purchase the newly launched board game at any Barnes & Noble or here.

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