Like, O.H.W.O.W

The cool kids will be hot tonight when it-gallery O.H.W.O.W. celebrates a new exhibit

Another Saturday in Wynwood, another art walk in Miami. Yes, it's summer again and it will be hot out there.

Like really, really hot.

And crowded.

It doesn't matter, because you know you want to see some art and chat with some friends and drink the thimbles of vinegar they serve at each gallery.

There's another opening at the O.H.W.O.W gallery on Saturday, Our House West of Wynwood, which has been very busy almost since it opened. After a great Basel party, people can't stay away, and they come to be seen.

This will be the first Miami solo exhibition for Michael Genovese. This Chicagoan has an urban style, but like white guy urban style, and not in a bad way.

His installations, engravings, sculptures, and paintings often incorporate script in Spanish and Arabic, using a variety of mediums and techniques. His work is thoughtful and intricate and much of it approaches contemporary politics, some through audience participation like in his piece "Graffito."

Not-so appropriately titled It's Not the Heat, it's the Humility, this show promises to be worthy enough to brave the heat, even if you don't leave your humility at home.

There'll be a DJ set by Camp Gabby and probably some free, warm beer.

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