Lisa Loeb, Icon of the 90s, Is Here to “Stay”

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More than a decade after the release of megahit "Stay (I Missed You)", cat-eyed spec-sporting singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb has embraced the single that landed a spot on the 90s film classic "Reality Bites" soundtrack and largely defined her career.

"I actually embraced it because it was a song I felt really positively about -- it was pretty representational of songs I like," Loeb told Niteside yesterday. "I know there are artists that become popular from a type of song that doesn't represent them at all, and it's weird and embarrassing."

She added, "It's really fun, and it had been a big connector in my life. I am very grateful for that." 

Now the Grammy-nominated songstress, after dabbling in everything from reality shows to the children's music scene, has been rediscovered -- by a Miamian, no less. 

The singer's latest album "Camp Lisa" -- in which she relives her childhood days at camp with a collection of fireside tunes -- caught the ear of Miami playwright March Ramirez of FX's "Sons of Anarchy" fame, who penned a book based on the album.

Shortly thereafter, the stage adaptation "Camp Kappawanna" was born and premiered at the Magic City's Arsht Center's Carnival Studio Theater last week. It's running through June 27.

"I was an actress and I love musical theater, to me it makes perfect sense," Loeb said. "I didn't think it would be something that came to me, and ask me if I would write for them -- but I'm totally happy it happened this way. ... It's a very great collaboration to have come about."

"I just love summer camp and I felt like it was a fun album to make of songs that I listened to when I was a kid."

But for those still stuck in the 90's, Loeb -- who wed and had her first child with "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" Music Coordinator Roey Hershkovitz last year -- is keeping her famous cat-eyed glasses alive with her first signature line set to debut this fall.

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