Local Group Turns Community's Deadly Bullets Into Jewelry

Susan Kennedy and a local non-profit are turning the tools of destruction into art by transforming her Miami-Dade's bullets into jewelry.

Kennedy said after the 2016 deaths of King Carter and Jada Page – children gunned down in Miami-Dade – led her to this mission.

For Kennedy, Bullets4Life is a passion.

“When we lost King Carter – that’s when the breakthrough happened for me," Kennedy said. “Sis months later Jada Page – that was it for me."

Kennedy works together with her friend Alex McCoy, working out of a home to change slugs to jewelry.

"Susan having this vision was monumental. Nobody can up with the concept of the initiative to do so," McCoy said.

Kennedy calls it the boldest things she's ever done as she goes through neighborhoods, asking residents to donate their bullets.

"The same way they can shoot with them, they can give it to me," Kennedy said.

Bullets4Life is a non-profit organization with the mission to "stop the killings but most importantly the killing of our children’s future."

"By taking bullets off the streets one bullet at a time it’s bringing awareness to this senseless act," the group writes on its website, where donations can be made.

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