Lunch @ Le Banyan

Le Banyan is quiet Thai place on Ocean Terrace in North Beach. Above is a shot of the dinner menu. Pricey for Thai food. But the place is owned by French folk who have a similar restaurant in Paris and well, I guess they think they can charge $28 for green curry in Miami. They'll probably (hopefully) adjust that soon enough. The lunch special isn't bad though. $15 for dishes like chicken curry, fried fish or shrimp in yellow curry. It comes with fried spring rolls that are delicate and greaseless and a glass noodle salad with cilantro and a sweet fish sauce. The portions are delicate (I would have liked a bowl of green curry instead of the bit doled out on the plate) but it's one of the more elegant Thai preparations in the city. Until those dinner prices come down, lunch may be the way to go here.

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