MAM Brings the Rebirth

There’s a movement going on and local artists are at the center of it

Call it the South Florida Renaissance, if you will, because local artists have decided to keep the wealth of their talent in the city that inspires them: Miami.

“In recent years, we’ve seen local artists in Miami really begin to engage in and become a part of art conversations happening around the world,” said Rene Morales, Associate Curator at Miami Art Museum and co-curator of the upcoming contemporary exhibition New Work Miami.

And it seems that Miami artists have honed their craft at just the right time, thanks in part to the growing number of local collectors, institutions, support networks, and Art Basel.

“Local artists are helping Miami move out of such a provincial mindset,” says Morales.

Art Basel, which has occurred annually since 2002, debuts art from around the world, draws in a plethora of international artists, and provides an enormous platform of exposure for artists who call Miami their home.

The Miami Art Museum has become a key component of that inspiration, and will be showcasing a diverse selection of locals' pieces to the public from July 18th to October 17th.

Artwork from 35 bold creators will be featured in New Work Miami. Patrons can expect to see everything from paintings to video art with special performances woven into the three-month long attraction.

There will be an exhibition preview on Saturday, July 17th from 6-9 p.m, where MAM members can get in for free while non-members will have to pay a $20 entry fee.

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