Mamushka's Brings Laid-Back Cool to Midtown

Miami's bar scene has a new resident local's only bar. Situated near Midtown and Wynwood, Mamushka's will certainly attract people who want to hear the city's best bands and DJs while sipping inexpensive drinks.  

Besides, Mamushka's is fun to say. 
Friday night's soft opening brought out throngs of stylish, in-the-know folks. The crowd included all sorts of Miami-specific party people: skate kids, bike folks, graffiti dudes, musicians and artists, there was even a South Beach crossover contingency. Since the closing of 14th Street's Bar, formerly  known as PS14, this crowd has spent a lot of time at home asking each other desperately, "What are we going to do tonight?!" 
"We felt like there was a giant void in Miami. Everything's all about bottle service and charging a huge cover at the door. We just wanted to have cheap drinks, be open seven days a week and make it so that everyone was welcome," said co-owner Casey Zap.
Drinks range from $3 to $8. 
Inside, the bar has a low ceiling, and dive bar feel with a disco ball over the stage and '70s mosaic designs on the dance floor. Friday night, the dance floor was kept warm with dancing feet thanks to DJ Benton. The grand opening on Saturday night presented indie rockers Teepee, Little Beard, and Kabuki Iron Kolors brought the funk. 
Of the prime spot, Zap noted, "It was the obvious location because it's right in between three very different neighborhoods. We have the Design District there on our left, in front of us is Wynwood, and then we have Midtown. Pretty much everyone is represented here." 
Mirrored walls and a wooden bar keep the place authentic while paintings by artist Emmett Moore and a pool table make it modern. Outside, there's plenty of room to socialize, and an additional bar for the thirsty. It's got something for everyone. 
"I hope everyone that comes here feels comfortable and doesn't feel like there's any pretension whatsoever." Zap assured.  
Visit Mamushka's at 31 NW 36 Street. 
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