Here's to a new year…

Hot and Sour Soup from Asian Fusion

* * * Hot and sour soup from Asian Fusion in Palmetto Bay * * *

Miami Dish emerges from its winter hibernation. Happy new year, dear readers! Miami New Times‘ Lee Klein included a list of some of the restaurants that closed their doors in 2008 in his year-end review. We can add Abokado to the list, although their website says the closing is temporary.

Coconut Grove Farmers Market

* * * Salsas and spreads at the Coconut Grover Farmers’ Market * * *

Let us also not forget Delicious Organics, the online organic food warehouse which closed its doors in 2008.

Wrap from Bayside Grill at the Standard

* * * Summer wrap at Bayside Grill/Lido at the Standard Hotel * * *

Hard times? Survival of the fittest? Innovation, quality, and value will definitely be rewarded this year. I am optimistic that South Florida’s food scene can only continue to improve.

Gnocchi at Bin no. 18

* * * Gnocchi at Bin no. 18 in downtown Miami * * *

I am strengthening my commitment to support local restaurants, farms, markets and other food-related businesses in 2009. Like most of us, I have less to spend on treats and going out to eat, so I want to make a point of spending my dollar on the businesses that I want to make sure stick around.

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