Meet the Never-Opening Clinique La Prairie Spa

We’re starting to wonder if Clinique La Prairie Spa will ever see the light of day

It’s the spa they apparently don’t want us to know about. Despite being dubbed by “Travel + Leisure” as the number one-ranked European Spa, the Clinique La Prairie Spa in Miami has little to no presence in the city. Trying to find a Web site for the spa? Good luck. How about a phone number for the spa? It doesn’t exist online. Just trying to find the digits for the front desk of Ten Museum Park, the building that houses the spa, is a mission within itself.

But alas, we made some progress. After hours of Internet searching and six phone calls to random reality agencies representing Ten Museum Park, we finally found some contact info in the form of a phone number for the reclusive retreat.

According to reception, the spa, which “Travel + Leisure” first started talking about as far back as June 2005, is currently open for business for residents only. We hear something about them allegedly not being able to get a business permit for the spa—but that’s strictly a rumor and notice we’ve tossed in the word allegedly to cover our behinds, just in case. 

As for a Web site, they directed us to something called WTS International. (How searchable of them.) But upon further investigation, we couldn’t even find the spa listed on the company’s site. And they mystery of Clinique La Prairie Spa continues.

Reception says the spa will supposedly open to the public at the end of April. But that’s a story we’ve heard for what feels like years now. Even the international La Prairie Web site talks about the building as a whole opening in January of 2007.

For something that long in the works, we’re sure it will spectacular. But then again, we wouldn’t know for sure because it’s impossible to obtain info. The most informative thing we were able to find was a site called Miami Condo Investments, which features what appears to be photos from inside of the spa. Can we confirm they’re real? Of course not. And the poor soul who took them writes they were told the spa would open to the public at the end of February 2009. Wrong again.

With lack of press, no Web presence and ever-changing opening dates, it seems we may have to bid farewell to Clinique La Prairie in Miami before we ever get the chance to say hello. What a pity. Looks like we'll take our business to Lapis, Emena, Spa 101 or one of the other chi-chi spas around town that is actually accessable.


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