Designer Melissa Odabash Reveals the Secret to What Women Want


Designer Melissa Odabash credits her ability to tap into the female psyche for her sensibility when it comes to swimsuit stylings.

"I am actually a psychiatrist, so I deal with women's problems all day long," said Odabash.  "I have to convince everyone that there is something for you, you will look good in it."

"I know what the girls want to wear in the Hamptons. I know the preppies in Palm Beach. I know the wild women in Miami," she continued. "You have to keep all of this in mind when you are designing."

This doesn't mean Odabash -- who showcased her latest swim collection at the W South Beach -- hasn't made some mistakes along the way.

"When I first started, trust me, my swimsuits were a lot smaller," she said, laughing. "As the years go on, I add a bit more to the back. ... Yyou learn by your mistakes as you go along."

The former model said she always tries to incorporate a little 60s glam in her swimwear. The designs have caught the eyes of celebs such as J-Lo, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cindy Crawford.

"I've seen basically everyone [in my swimsuits] except for Madonna and Angelina Jolie," Odabash said. "What people don't understand, is they get sent everything from every designer, so I am actually taking it as a compliment because they probably get 500 swimsuits a day -- and if they are still wearing mine -- I'm doing something right."

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