Miami Artist Miguel Paredes Set to Pop at Art Basel 2010

As summer finally fades and the breezes grow cooler, Magic City artist Miguel Paredes knows that  Art Basel isn’t far away.

“I look forward to it every year,” he told Niteside, “It's one of the greatest art festivals in the world. And the fact that it is in Miami -- it’s a perfect combination.”

The Miami pop and multi-media artist, whose “Urban Impressionism” pieces have been shown in galleries from Los Angeles to Korea, is now putting a new twist on his vibrant paintings and sculptures. Paredes is teaming with noted celebrity photographer Danny Clinch to show photos of celebs such as Kanye West and Jack Johnson transformed into painted portraits. 

Paredes' largest exhibition to date opens Dec. 1at the National Hotel. While he gears up for America’s most important art show, he wants all local artists to know they also have the opportunity to shine.

“Miami always had a struggling art scene, yet we've always had so many great artists. But with Basel, your art can be seen my thousands of people. Even if you stand on the corner on the street with your canvas, with all the traffic on the beach that week, plenty of people will see it.”

And while Paredes' art has been known to mine the dark side, he says his current home and a few new additions to his life have brought color to his canvases.

“I think Miami brightened my art. I think having the kids maybe made my art brighter -- having babies was a plus for me. I think growing up in New York in the ‘80s was rough. When I got to Miami, I had to let all of that out. The kids came into my life, and the sun -- it changed me. “

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