Miami Book Fair: Local Authors Get Their Lit On

Dubya isn’t the only author making headlines at the 27th Annual Miami Book Fair International. Tasha Cunnigham, Michael Carlebach, Virginia Jacko, Linda Gassenheimer, and M.J. Fievre are five local authors who will be presenting at this extraordinary event that are worth getting to know, if you don’t already.

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Michael Carlbach
Michael Carlebach: photojournalist. Catch him: Sunday, 1:30 P.M. Room 7128. About his book, “Sunny Land collection” It’s a collection of pictures from South Florida I’ve taken throughout my time in Miami. It’s a sideways glance at South Floridians. No celebrities, no glamour and people from Miami will see familiar places and be able to relate. While people not from Miami will probably think it’s just funny.
Linda Gassenheimer, host of “Food, News and Views” on WLRN. Catch her: Saturday, 3 P.M. Pavilion B. About “A Taste of the Florida Keys” When I first moved here I was asked to do a book on Florida Keys and I wrote “Key’s Cuisine.” But in 1991 the keys was a chain of islands reminiscent of the 1950s. Today the Keys is funky, chic, sophisticated ambiance. Through this book you can wander up and down Duval Street, go through Stalk Island to Duck Key and learn the recipes and tales that made these restaurants and shacks famous. Like when I went to Islamorada and visited Bakery and Bob’s Bunz, someone told me I had to try the potato chip cookies. Now the recipe is in the book and it’s one of my husband’s favorites.
Tasha Cunnigham, tech/media columnist and creator of Catch her: Sunday, 3 P.M. Room 3315. (Goodie bag!) About her book, “So the Bastard Broke Your Heart, Now What?” It’s a take off the book "Don’t Date Him Girl" for women looking to go in a better direction. When I went to book stores looking for relationship books, I found that books were all about how we could change ourselves. Women do need to change yourselves, but not the way you dress. But being smarter about the men you choose and avoiding the same dating patterns.
Virginia Jacko, Miami Lighthouse for the Blind’s first blind President and CEO. Catch her: Sunday, 11 A.M. Room 3315. About her book, “The Blind Visionary” We all have issues, bad days, more serious issues, and financial difficulties. But this is for everyone because a lot of people impose a self-disability upon themselves sometimes because of fear. “Never Let Fear Win” is a lesson featured in Chapter 3” Lessons Learned” is my favorite lesson.
M.J. Fievre: teacher, creative writing grad student, contributor to “Haiti Noir.” Catch her: Sunday, noon. Pavilion A. Her work, past and future: When I was in Haiti, I wrote children’s mystery books in French. “Le Fantôme de Lisbeth” is the story of a young struggling ballerina. One night while struggling with her work she meets the ghost of a famous Haitian ballerina, who helps her. [Now,] unless I’m writing fiction, I write whatever is on my mind. My next project is my memoir that tells the story of what growing up in Haiti is really like.
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