Miami-Dade Police Lieutenant Accused of Molesting Young Girl Arraigned, Enters Not Guilty Plea

A Miami-Dade Police lieutenant accused of molesting a young girl appeared in court Thursday where he was formally arraigned.

Lt. Braulio Francisco Gonzalez, 44, was arrested last month on four counts of lewd and lascivious behavior on a child under the age of 12 and one count of armed kidnapping.

"I already filed a written plea of not guilty and demand of a jury trial," his attorney, Bruce Lehr, told a judge at Thursday's hearing.

Prosecutors say Gonzalez molested a girl for two years, from the time she was eight until she turned ten. The victim told detectives that Gonzalez would wake her up to molest her and once he held a gun to her head. He allegedly threatened the victim by saying he would kill her and anyone else in the house if she didn’t comply with his demands.

Gonzalez was in court in handcuffs during his arraignment Thursday. He’s been in jail since his arrest three weeks ago.

"Nobody in jail is doing well and he’s a police lieutenant. My client is very anxious for the facts to be known," Lehr said.

A hearing has been set for October 23rd, when a judge will decide if Gonzalez can bond out pending his criminal trial, which has been scheduled for January 22nd.

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