Aussie Band Miami Horror Takes its Name, Party Cues From the 305

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Leave it to Miami to have a club so outrageous that its infamous party reputation traveled halfway around the world.

"We keep hearing about LIV nightclub at The Fontainebleau in Australia, and apparently how crazy it is," said Miami Horror frontman Ben Plant before his band took the stage at the mega-club last night. "We're excited to find out!"

Although the Aussie-based band -- whose other three members include Aaron Shanahan, Daniel Whitechurch and Joshua Moriarty -- has made a name for itself with its electro-pop beats, Plant said their debut album Illumination deviates from that formula.

"The whole idea behind the record was to have a lot of variety and color with influences from many genres and eras, almost to the point where it is hard to put it into one genre," he said of the album, which dropped this summer.

"I really enjoy music with a lot of harmony and melody, something you don't really find in some of the current club genres such as techno and I don't really enjoy the harshness of other electro/dub-step type genres."

But even Miami's loudest techno beats won't keep Miami Horror away for long. The foursome is already planning their next stint in the Magic City for sometime next spring after their album has time to grow. It's the least they could do for their namesake.

"Miami being a very iconic place in the '80s was probably part of the reason I used that word in the name," admitted Plant.  "Horror then created a darker contrast, and together, they are both very visual."

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