Miami International Boat Show Sets Sail

Nearly 2,000 exhibitors and 3,000 boats have docked at Miami this weekend.

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Michael Williams tests the afternoon nap-ability of a Cruiser Cats boat on display at the Miami International Boat Show taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center and Miamarina at Bayside through Monday.
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The four-day show attracts thousands of visitors, with 2,000 exhibitors and nearly 3,000 boats on display. It also totally clogs traffic, but we'll think of the hospitality revenue while we bake on 395.
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An exhibitor uses a cloth to keep a boat finger-print free inside the convention center. Might we also recommend lemon Pledge? That's an awful lot of wood.
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A nearby boat takes a less classic approach to aesthetics. The show features the very latest in powerboats, sailboats, yachts, and everything else from motors to accessories.
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Benjamin Noel rows past some of the boats on display at the Strictly Sail show taking place at the marina at Bayside during the Miami International Boat Show. It's doubtful that anyone will confuse his small craft for the latest in watersports innovation.
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Fairgoer Mike Webb checks out a boat built by Sabre Yachts. Shoes are removed to keep exhibited boats scuff-free.
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Dave Littlefield waits for that pitcher to fill itself with something cool and refreshing, or tests out seat cushions, or both (we'd do both).
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An exhibitor chats with a prospective buyer at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The boat show is the largest such gathering in the state.
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Speedboats take center stage inside while somewhere, we presume, Sonny Crockett weeps with envy.
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The Miami International Boat Show runs through Monday, February 21. Tickets are $16 a day, $30 for a two-day pass, and $75 for all-fair access.
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