Michael Jackson's Collaboration with Christian Audigier Revealed

Before he died, the pop star collaborated with the designer behind the Ed Hardy label on a new collection of t-shirts, jackets, and of course, sequined gloves. The Today show got a first-hand glimpse at the latest stuff.

Audigier is no stranger to bizarre celebrity collaborations -- he's reportedly working with his BFF Jon Gosselin on a clothing line for children (though the fact that TLC has started blurring out the labels on Gosselin's on-camera clothing might throw a wrench in their plans). But even he appreciates the goldmine that this collection might be for him: Audigier claims that Jackson himself approved all of the pieces in the collection -- from a $200 zip-up jacket to t-shirts and sequined gloves and socks -- and now they might go for much more than that, given the singer's untimely death. Then again, all of this is provided Jackson's estate allows the line to go into production, as Audigier hopes.

As Racked points out, if you can't get these, stop by Santee Alley for some bootleg gear.

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