Michael Jackson's Former Publicist Raymone Bain: There Was No Intervention

Raymone Bain, the former longtime publicist for Michael Jackson, has said there is no truth to rumors that have surfaced in the media since the pop star's death, claiming that members of the Jackson family staged a failed intervention for the pop star in 2007.

"It is not true," Raymone told Access Hollywood'sBilly Bush in a new interview.

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Raymone, who filed suit against the King of Pop earlier this year for $44 million over claims he failed to pay her for her publicity services and more, said a meeting with the family took place in 2007, but it was business related.

"I recall in February, there was a meeting with Mr. Jackson and his sisters and brothers about a concert," she recounted. "There was a concert promoter who accompanied them there. That is the meeting that I… am aware of… I know nothing else about any other intervention."

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Raymone also shot down rumors that Michael's family members – including his mother Katherine – were shut out of the pop star's life after the alleged intervention, telling Billy the family were always involved in Michael's life.

"During the time that I represented Michael Jackson, he had communications all of the time with his mother and his family," she said. "I don't know of a time when Michael Jackson did not have access to his mother — under my watch. I cannot speak for last year and prior to or after my tenure with Mr. Jackson. But I do know that he loved his mother, he loved his father, he loved his sisters and brothers unconditionally. And Mrs. Jackson and his family had access to Michael Jackson."

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