Michael's Is a Genuine Treat

Everything Local at Miami eatery

There are so very few restaurants in Miami that can flaunt New York Times coverage, but Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink is one of them. Not only is it a notable place to munch, it’s become a survivor in a city where independently owned businesses quickly fall to the wayside.
Michael's is not only a place that foodies love, but it's also a restaurant that is accessible and tasty to the rest of us regular eaters out there. Michael Schwartz, chef, owner and culinary visionary, is a long time cook who has created a neighborhood restaurant that offers fresh cuisine that tastes gourmet but is like eating homemade. The food, which you can order in small, medium, large and even extra large dish sizes, is local and organic, which is ideal in this time of extreme conscientious greenness.

"The place is deserving of tremendous applause for its creativity, even if the execution doesn't always pan out (though most times it does)," wrote Yelper Carl K., "and for having some of the best service in town -- professional yet unassuming, helpful and courteous without being cloying... As if this weren't enough, the work of the best pastry chef in Miami, Hedy Goldsmith, alone is worth the trip here."

The vibe isn’t intimidating nor is it very casual. Michael’s is the place to come when you want to eat well, but you don’t necessarily want to strap on your Manolos. The beer selection is admirable and the snacks menu is worth trying over a cocktail.

As far as décor, this is a fun place to pop a squat and just enjoy the eye candy. There are great pieces of art, including a close up of the Virgin Mary’s face made of foreign coins and colorful overhanging lights in blocks of red. They say a room painted red makes you hungry, this is a great example of that as you will feed like a wild animal on the savory and sweet treats.

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