MMG’s Jimmy Vargas: Arkadia’s Aloo Party is “For the Locals”

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Unlike it's mega club counterpart, LIV, Fontainebleau's latest hotspot, Arkadia, was made with the locals in mind - which, according to Miami Marketing Group's (MMG) Jimmy Vargas, is exactly what's accomplished at the lounge's Tuesday night bash, Aloo.

"The concept for this party was to create a laid back vibe for the locals and the model scene," Vargas told Niteside. "It's like a hidden gem if you are from out of town and make it in for Aloo at Arkadia."

To nab this specific type of clientele, Vargas - who admitted it's really the 305ers themselves that create the night's low-key vibe - said there's no better night for this shindig than last night.

"Tuesdays are a great night because those in the nightlife and restaurant industry usually have it off from work," Vargas explained. "They like to mingle with the other local scenesters and fashionistas."

And if this weekly soiree couldn't get anymore "down home" oriented, it also dishes out poolside barbecue with its live DJ beats.

"We wanted to make it feel like any given Sunday," he added. "Where you gather with your friends and those you don't get to see throughout the rest of the week for some BBQ and great music."

A late-night club party with BBQ? Maybe that's what they mean when they say "finger-licking good."

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