MOCA After-Party for Trecartin’s Exhibit

Last night, MOCA hosted a fabulous after-party at the Standard Hotel for the opening of Ryan Trecartin's exhibition Any Ever, which included drinks by Grey Goose and performance art on Biscayne Bay.

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Elizabeth Tracy
Celebrity sighting: just to pump up the volume a bit, Christian Slater.
Elizabeth Tracy
Dancing Queens: Two of Miami's lovely ladies of art Jen Stark and Agustina Woodgate were all smiles as they danced the night away on the wooden deck.
Elizabeth Tracy
Bringing the Beat: DJ Faux Real (A.K.A. Nektar de Stagni) played everything from classic Madonna to Peruvian tunes. This DJ isn't just a master of sound, she's also a talented jewelry designer.
Elizabeth Tracy
It's certainly not everyday, or even every decade, that the opportunity arises to watch enthralling performance art with the ocean as a backdrop. Performer Colin Self and Raul Denieves came down from Brooklyn to put on a show.
Elizabeth Tracy
There was certainly no shortage of entertainment at the Standard, with the emotional actions and colorful garb of the performance art.
Elizabeth Tracy
The lights, sounds, and visual narrative kept the crowd entranced. They watched as balloons flew away, and gasped as bodies pushed through mirrors. Though it was intense, people came away with something to talk about and smile.
Elizabeth Tracy
Artists Matu and Robert "Meatball" Lorie dramatically flanked Kylee Crook for a photo. The night was hot, but these guys still looked kind of cool.
Elizabeth Tracy
Dancing on the deck with free drinks next to the beautifully lit Standard Pool was certainly the stuff of which memories are made. New friends were made, and old pals gathered for another fun time on Miami Beach.
Elizabeth Tracy
You know the night was a success when shoes are abandoned for bare feet.
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