Move on Down the Road

Lincoln Road’s Antique and Collectibles

CHIC ANTIQUES: It’s Sunday. You want to be outside, but you also want to get your shop on. Might we suggest Miami’s version of a flea market, the Lincoln Road Antique and Collectibles show. Forget garage-sale merch strung about an abandoned parking lot. This market does it Miami style with booths parked up and down Lincoln Road’s famed outdoor mall. Encounter everything from local designers, vintage Louis Vuitton and Hermes bags and Edwardian baubles to Mid-Modern furniture and art. This Sunday marks the second to last show of the season, with the final taking place on Mother’s Day. Bring your cash, your bargaining skills and your desire to shop because this is the perfect place for second-hand scores. GET IT: Free. Lincoln Road Mall, Miami Beach.

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