Mullet Over

In honor of "The Runaways," which opens today, an homage to the female mullet.

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In honor of "The Runaways," which opens today, an homage to the female mullet.
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L.A. Mullet: Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen manages make the mullet look like a ray of sunshine.
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Magic Mullet: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire's Katie Leung kicks it up a mullet notch with this bi-hue 'do.
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Milkshake Mullet: Recording artist Kelis' turquoise-tinged mullet brings all the boys to the yard. And maybe some peacocks.
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Model Mullet: Even with a mullet, model Kylie Bax is still prettier than the average sensibly hair-cutted woman.
Mom Mullet: When it comes to moms with mullets and lots of kids, we'll take Carol Brady over Kate Gosselin any day.
Truck Stop Mullet: When you go to your salon and ask for this 'do, tell 'em Large Marge sent ya.
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Smart Mullet: It takes a special lady to deliver the news with a mullet. That lady is Jane Velez-Mitchell.
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Red Carpet Mullet: Taraji P. Henson holds her BET Best Actress award for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," a movie about growing from big to small. Hey, kind of like a mullet.
Warrior Mullet: A mullet that resembles flames is a must when slaying, as was the case for Brigitte Nielsen in "Red Sonja."
Survivor Mullet: With a name like Shambo, a contestant on "Survivor Samoa," why not have a mullet?
Androgymullet: Yes, we know David Bowie isn't female. But he's so pretty. And his mullet in "Labyrinth" is tres fantastique.
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