Natalia Jimenez Honored At Billboards Luncheon

Natalia Jimenez made a name in the music industry while with the band La Quinta Estacion, but it has been her solo work that has guided her to the next level.

The Spanish singer/songwriter spoke with Leila Cobo, Executive Director for Latin Content and Programming for Billboard, at the JW Marriott Marquis on Monday.

Ahead of the Q&A session, Jimenez and invited guests saw gowns the latest collection of Bolivian designer Rosita Hurtado.

Jimenez, who wore a Mexican-inspired Robert Cavalli dress and heels by Christian Louboutin, discussed a wide-range of topics including who is on her mind when she is creating music, her advice to fellow women in the industry, and a message for new talent looking to make it in the industry.

“When I’m writing songs I’m thinking about what a girl would like to hear,” Jimenez said. “What would she relate to? We talk about relationships and feelings. We are in a time right now where people need songs to get inspired, to feel better about themselves, to feel beautiful, and there isn’t a lot of that in the Latin market.”

If you look at the Latin American charts today, male artists mostly dominate it. Cobo brought up how different this is when it comes to chart-toppers including Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift in the American market.

“Many new artists are not thinking about a long-term career. They aren’t asking about the percentages they are getting from the record company, they aren’t questioning how much their management company is taking, they don’t know how much money their concert is making or even how much tickets to the event cost. It’s very important for them to know their business. Many Latina artists are maybe afraid to get involved but we should be past that.”

Jimenez candidly opened up about her humble beginnings singing in the subways in Spain. For up-and-coming talent looking to make it in the music business, she offers this advice:
“What I recommend to everyone is to always read the contracts that you are signing. Having a good team of lawyers on your side that will read and explain everything thoroughly is imperative. How are you benefiting from signing this contract? Negotiate every deal until you are happy. Don’t just get excited because you think it’s the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Also, make sure you are making the music that you love. Pay attention to the trends on the radio and ask yourself, what is missing? The world doesn’t need another Beyonce, we already have one. “

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