Nearly Half of “Glamour” Readers Are Virgins

The oversexed women's mag draws a very undersexed demographic, a new survey shows

In a fascinating turn of events, when Glamour mag asked readers on its Smitten blog if they believed in abstaining from sex until marriage, the response was a surprisingly resounding yes. Like 48 percent yes. Specifically, 42 were still waiting, and another 6 had waited.

Mulling this over, Jezebel went and dug up some national statistics that seem a lot more familiar - namely, that some 97 percent of adults get it on before tying the knot. So what does it all mean? Glamour's readership is wildly sexually conservative and often (as the survey's respondents claim) for religious reasons. And now, finally, it all makes sense: Those "128 Ways to Surprise Him in Bed" "articles" and tips on how to spice up oral sex (suck on some cinnamon hearts, ICYMI) have always seemed a little mystifying to us and the Jezebel crew (who flat-out call this stuff "so crazy").

But now we get it: The sex content's not actually meant to be prescriptive. It's designed as dreamy aspirational bedtime reading for virgins. A bit like us checking out the floorplans of those $23 million lofts on Curbed and getting all hopped up on the "one day, all this will be mine" fantasy. Would we have to special-order blinds for that bank of 18-foot windows? And where would we put our couch?

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