New App Tells You When Someone You Don't Like is Approaching

Say it ain’t so! An app now let’s you know when someone you don’t like is approaching you! Health and fitness app pplkpr (as in “people keeper”) tracks, analyzes and auto-manages all of your relationships.

The free app works when it is paired with a heart rate wristband, which costs a little over $100 bucks. It monitors your physical and emotional response to those around you by tracking when you’re coming and going, who you’re coming in contact with and how they make you feel.

The app was developed by Kyle McDonald and Lauren McCarthy as a college project. The app has been downloaded more than 70,000 times and aims to improve your social life “so you don’t have to.”

pplkpr from Lauren McCarthy on Vimeo.

The company says the app “implements a complex metric called ‘heart rate variability’ that uses subtle changes in heart rhythm to determine your emotional state. This data is correlated with the people you interact with to determine who should be auto-scheduled into your life and who should be removed.”

It will let you know when it sees heightened emotion, and asks you to report how you’re feeling. The app will also communicate with the user when their location changes. It’s geared to figure out if they’re about to meet someone who will bring out a heightened state of emotion.

In a nutshell, pplkpr will figure out your relationships so that you don’t have too. It also automatically block and deletes contacts and schedules time automatically with those who make you feel good.
The app’s site says the more you use it, the more the app will learn to understand your patterns and emotions.

Kinda creepy, but very cool!

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