New Beauty Products Sold in Vending Machine

Forget nougat, this machine's got cream

Time to throw out that clumpy, two-year-old mascara.

Sure, it may have cost you $75. But it's also giving you pink eye.

Plus, now you can shop for luxury beauty items at bargain prices. National client services manager Erin Piper said New Beauty Magazine, out of Boca Raton, is reinventing your beauty routine one vending machine at a time.

"If you're really looking for new brands and products to fit into your beauty regimen, the New Beauty sample bar is the perfect opportunity for you to try the products at an inexpensive price," Piper explained.  "When consumers read about the products within the pages, they can come and sample the products in the machine."

Consumers can test a variety of sample products, from skin care and make-up, to hair products and bath and body.

"They can try the samples for $3, $5 and $10," said Piper.  "These samples are deluxe size samples. There's about two weeks' use in each product, so you get to really notice if the item works for  you."

Kristina Gil was fascinated by the concept.

"I've never seen anything like this," said Gil.  "Everything is expensive now, so I'll try the products in this vending machine before purchasing it at full price."

This unique beauty machine concept was unveiled at Aventura Mall by Nordstrom for many alluring reasons. "New Beauty chose Aventura Mall because it's the fifth largest mall in the country," said Piper.  "There's 25 million visitors a year, and there's a mix of locals and tourists that will be able to visit the Sample bar."

It's becoming a hot new trend that New Beauty hopes to roll-out nationally in malls and airports by the end of 2010.


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