New Face of Comedy

Local comedian Jessica Gross tackles dating a younger guy, being a tall woman and even, the humdinger, abortion

The Miami Improv Comedy Club is hosting New Faces of Comedy this Wednesday night, in the hopes of making Miamians chuckle.

One “new face” is Jessica Gross, a dedicated professional who is also known for being a kind and zany gal. Gross is part of an active comedy scene in South Florida. There are at least three open mics a week that take place anywhere between Miami and Jupiter with a group of about 40 dedicated comedians workin’ the circuit.

Gross worked as an interior designer, tried some acting and modeling, but after a divorce and cross-country move, she made the brave decision to pursue her high school dream of comedy. For the past year and a half, she’s been working hard for no money, getting the audience to forget their crappy days and even their nasty girlfriends sitting right next to them.

She works with personal stories, touching on awkward and racy experiences, respectfully exploiting the quirks and embarrassments of loved ones and herself. Some topics she touches on include dating a younger guy, being a tall woman and even, the humdinger, abortion. Making the abortion topic funny is hard work, but this lady’s gotta do it. As we all know, pushing boundaries makes for good comedy. 

Gross is performing alongside about 15 others in Coconut Grove. Come support the local funny people. They’re up there, working for free; let them know what gets laughs and what needs to remain unsaid. The show starts at 8 p.m. and it’s free to get in, but there’s a 2 drink minimum. We know no one’s pulling your arm on the minimum, so imagine it’s just free.

MADtv Alum Bobby Lee is coming to the Miami Improv this weekend and fans can ask for the “ Discount” when purchasing tickets to get them for $10.

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