Night and Day at the Museum

Miami Children's Museum offers something for everyone

Kids aren’t as dumb as they look. They play and fight and eat and sleep, but, believe it or not, they’re also learning the whole time. Their little brains need stimulation as much as their bodies need veggies. The Miami Children’s Museum is just one of a few places in town where your tiny ones can jaunt around, grow and explore.

Maybe you remember when, back in the day, the children’s museum was the hot spot of the Bakery Center. MCM has grown since then, and by a lot. In the 56,000 square feet it houses, there are fourteen galleries featuring permanent exhibits and interactive activities and even a charter school.

Mt. Michimu, the rock wall, is hella fun. You can strap on a harness, climb up to the top to make the mountain erupt and then repel down, over and over again. The Castle of Dreams is not only pretty to look at, kids can ride down a winding slide, smiling as they land on their feet.

Kids love creating their own masterpieces with the artist-in-residence and getting their hands dirty at all the learning stations. Alex Yanes, a local painter has an exhibit displayed in the museum called Majestic Beauty. The paintings depict animals, native Floridians, in fact, ones that are on the endangered and threatened species lists. Everything is about watching, interacting and learning.

With the economy where it’s at, you may want to keep it on the cheap. Luckily, Target sponsors Free Third Fridays events where everyone’s admission is complimentary. On May 30, from noon to 4 p.m. your kids can learn to balance a budget early thanks to Bank of America’s Banking on Success event.

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