Becca Swim's “Not Just a Collection of Strings and Skinny Ties”

As the 2011 Becca collection went strutting down the runway last night, next summer promised to be a sexy one.

“Becca has taken the point of view that she can design a suit to fit your mood or take you to whatever mood you want to be in,” said the line's VP, Gary Deshon at LIV, where Miami Magazine hosted the third annual Splashion fashion show.

“I remember when we started at SET nightclub. It was a great place to start, but this takes it to a whole new level,” said Deshon about LIV’s unique energy. 

Free alcohol certainly helped the mood as guests poured in and hit the bar for Stella Artois along with special Cointreau cocktails

Regardless of the venue, the booze, and even the gourmet cupcakes, though, sexy SoBe-going Miamians cannot be schmoozed when it comes to choosing the perfect suit.

 “Being in the heart of Miami for [Swim Week] is always an added pressure, it really is," Deshon admitted. "It’s that same kind of annual pressure to be new and fresh and relevant."

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