NiteTalk: A Few Good Words With Cursive

Bright Eyes won't be the only Omaha band at The Fillmore Gleason tonight, and Conor Oberst won't be the only indie darling. In fact, opening band Cursive has at least as much pedigree as the headliners. They've also had the critics singing in harmony from day one. Niteside got with bassist Matt Maginn on the eve of the show.

Tonight you're playing with Bright Eyes, I'm guessing not for the first time. Don't you guys ever get tired of hanging 'round Conor Oberst?
I am also his roommate so actually this is less time together than usual.  He's been on the road so I'm excited to meet back up and hit muscle beach with him.

Okay, but are so-called "Creekers" really as close as everyone thinks they are?
Our generation of Creekers are still pretty close but we don't get to see each other as much as we used to.

Speaking of Omaha, in addition to Saddle Creek Road, homage has been paid to the Happy Hollow Historic District.
Any other parts of town left to tribute? Bob Boozer Drive.

It's been a minute since the LP Mama, I'm Swollen - almost two full years worth of minutes in fact; any chance we'll see come new Cursive cuts released in 2011?
Shooting for early 2012

Will you be performing anything new at The Fillmore tonight? Unlikely. Not quite ready.

Since you'll be on South Beach, any plans to hit the hotspots after the show?
Every hot spot.

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