NiteTalk: Amtrac Has What it Takes to Make NYE All That — & Then Some

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Corey Damon Black

The cat’s “Came Along” scratched with so much fever MTV used the track to raise the temperature of Clubland, despite it being feisty tom’s first time outta the litter box. The Viacom giant did likewise with his subsequent “I’m All Yours”, even though its clip would up “terrifying” one of the gals from Teen Mom. In fact, the one-time music television network was so taken by the trackings, they gave it placement on the inexplicably popular Jersey Shore (but we won’t blame him for that). His name is Caleb Cornett, but the world knows him as Amtrac, and he’s the closest thing this Magic City has to an actual aural sorcerer (Kentucky roots not withstanding). This NYE, at the perennial place-to-be called Bardot, the sonic wonderworker will wow you into a whole New Year in ways you’ve never before fathomed.

If Amtrac’s sound was a color, what would it be (and why)? Orange, because I'm the most creative in the Fall.

How ‘bout if said sound was a thing? A Zippo lighter, because it's flame is so smooth.

What one verb best describes the creating of that sound? Experiment.

What one adjective best defines how it wows a crowd? Energetic.

Speaking of wows, are you still giddy over The AvalanchesSince I Left You? That album has been a staple in my rotation since it came out & probably always will be.

What is it about that slab which has you so ga-ga? The selection of samples was impeccable for when it came out and yet no one has really came close to topping it, in my opinion. It plays so well from start to finish -- a beautiful LP.

Any other new now sounds got you all aglow? Currently, I've had Thomas Azier, The Chromatics, Para One and Fort Romeau on heavy rotation. Thomas really shines as a vocalist and The Chromatics melodies are amazing. As for the other artists, I really admire them from a producer/engineer standpoint... top notch stuff.

How 'bout something new to you from way back when? Curtis Mayfield, Can't ever get enough of old funk cuts and Curtis really brings the noise. My friend turned me on to Stone Roses being they’re from Manchester and I'm quite the Joy Division fan... really good stuff. I listened to Pinback's "Blue Screen Life" a lot in high school, but recently went back and checked their other LPs... good vibes all around.

Will folks be hearing any of the above next Monday at Bardot? I'm sure there'll be a little bit of everything Monday, including some unreleased stuff

What’s so keen about appearing at Bardot anyway? Bardot is a great venue; the sound system is always kicking and the vibe is just right. I always have a good time playing there.

How do you see all that keen impacting the Eve of 2013? Gonna bring in the New Year with a bang -- good sounds, good atmosphere, good weather ;)

Amtrac appears at Bardot Monday December 31, 2012. For more information log on here.

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