NiteTalk: Blank Dogs Are Bringin’ Their Bark to Bar

Blank Dogs Resized

It hasn't even been four full years and Blank Dogs have already appeared on 20 different recordings. Some of 'em were singles, some were EPs, and some were compilations. But three were full scale albums to boot. Beyond the rather rabid recording though, Blank Dogs inadvertently became "the most mysterious band in Brooklyn." Now that lead canine Mike Sniper has put a name and a face to the project and recruited two accomplices, the only thing mysterious about Blank Dogs is the music. Hear for yourself at Bar on Sunday night.

Who the hell started the rumor that you were Stephen Malkmus? I have no idea, it was early on, maybe 2007? Sounded nothing like anything he'd done so who knows why...

Did you actively try to correct it or didya just let it ride? Wasn't aware of it until the rumor had spread pretty far...

What other wild rumors came about before you let slip your name and Blank Dogs became a bona fide band? That I was from Singapore, that I was actually a woman with a pitch shifter, things like that.

Speaking of the band, you're touring as a three-piece right? Care to fill us in on your bandmates and their pedigrees? Sure, yeah. There's Pam [Garavano-Coolbaugh], she plays guitar and keyboard, this was the only band she'd ever been in. And Craig [Mileski] plays synth and drum machines. He was in this Butthole Surfers-ish band for a while called Hunchback.

Do they both appear on Land and Fixed LP? Nope.

Who else does appear on the album? Pretty much just me. I think JB from Crystal Stilts may play a bit of guitar on a track.

Word is L&F is a lot less lo fi than your previous efforts, but that you "literally mixed it on the subway." Was there just not enough extraneous noise in the rough mixes? It is definitely better fidelity and there's not much distortion. It wasn't mixed in the subway -- I would listen to mixes on my iPhone and make notes because that's how most people listen to music these days, so I mixed it with that in mind.

Would it be fair to say that you're partial to making a racket? No, we are pretty quiet.

On Sunday night what kinda racket can fans expect to hear? If they want [a] racket they'll be disappointed.

Blank Dogs appear Sunday April 17 at Bar 28 NE 14th Street Miami.  For more information call (305) 358-3600.

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