NiteTalk: Bulldog BBQ's Chef Howie Kleinberg Has Your Super Bowl Spread Covered

Now that Super Bowl Sunday has become a bona fide National Holiday, you're gonna wanna celebrate the occasion with something suitably American. That means barbecue, dig? As thick and as rich and as smoky as you can get it. And there's no better place for that kinda fare than Bulldog Barbecue. This year, Bulldog is offering up some scrumptious Super Bowl Party Packages. So Niteside decided to ask Chef Howie Kleinberg to bark all about it.

Bulldog BBQ has put together something rather impressive for Super Bowl Sunday, before we get into menu particulars, wanna tell us why you wanna feed the Big Game? Bulldog Barbecue is perfect fare for game day. BBQ and tailgating go hand in hand. Since most of us don't get to go to the big game, eating great BBQ is like tailgating in your living room. Between our wings, burgers and BBQ we've got all your major football food groups covered - just add beer and it's a party!

Okay, let's get to the grub. The first party package is "The Tail Wagger." What's it consist of? You're gonna love this: Our Tail Wagger package includes Snacks (Cornbread and Carolina Slaw), Meats (Pulled Pork or BBQ Chicken) and your choice of Fixin's (Mac and Cheese, Burnt End Beans or Roasted Corn).

Next up is "Man's Best Friend." Details please. Sure thing. Man's Best Friend includes the same snacks and fixin's, but for Meats we've got a choice between Brisket or Ribs and BBQ Chicken.

Last but certainly not least is "Top Dog." What makes it so? Our Top Dog party package is our most popular because it includes all of our great barbecued meats AND dessert, which is either pie or Bulldog's Signature Cookie Jar.

Word is Bulldog BBQ is about to expand to include Bulldog Burger right next door. What's the story? Our burger is a huge seller and we wanted to expand on it more: more toppings, more styles, more meats, plus signature burgers. Bulldog Burger was a natural progression for us.

Granted the grub is a hit, but how much of Bulldog's success can be attributed to your stint on Top Chef? I think it always helps to have people know and care about who you are and what you are up to. However, the food had to be good and consistent to be a success, not a novelty.

Speaking of which, did you really bow out rather than serve a sub par dish? Yes, that challenge left me with limited food items. I tried to pull something together but I was unpleased with the results. Since it was only a quickfire challenge, I decided not to serve it. I learned long ago, if you're not happy with your dish, don't serve it.

Good for you. And good luck this weekend. Before we go though, will Bulldog be betting on Green Bay or Pittsburgh? Pittsburgh!

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