NiteTalk: Caligula Kills Death Dead

The last time Niteside caught up with Caligula, the dastardly duo was about to blare their debut EP The Rise from the stage at The Vagabond. This time they're about to stage at Grand Central alongside one of the hottest electronic acts in the whole wild world. The show's top secret, hush-hush and strictly QT though. So we decided to let Mikey Millions fill us in. (His partner Damaged Goods was boothed up elsewhere at the time.)

How'd you cats land the Skrillex slot?
Officially this is the afterparty for the Skrillex & 12th Planet "Mothership Tour"... one of the biggest EDM tours of the year. Overthrow has a great relationship with the guys over at Poplife who run Grand Central, when I heard about 12th Planet coming back for another show the same night as the Fillmore performance, I knew we had to get on it and I asked Sam Baum to reach out and see if he could work his magic... Skrillex is the special un-announceable guest we all think...

How's it feel staging with MTV's EDM Artist of the Year?
This is going to be one of the craziest crowds we have ever played for... I'm expecting a lot of stage diving and debauchery.

Don't you also have a hot Fillmore slot coming up? Yep, we're opening up for NERO there on December 30th, along with Afrobeta. Guaranteed to be an insane show. 

How'd that one come about? We've been doing the Honeymoon series at the Fillmore every month since April with artists like Zeds Dead, Datsik, Calvertron, Marty Party, Borgore, Kastle, Mimosa, and Bare. 

Any other live rides you wanna fill us in on? Damaged Goods is one of the hardest working DJs in Miami; you can catch him at Louis, Mansion, Nikki Beach and Opium Hard Rock on a weekly basis. I can been seen/heard droppin' tunes at spots like Mamushka's, Chalk in South Beach, and starting in January, Fridays at Red Room in the Shore Club.

What about tracks -- care to tip us off to the latest? Our new single "The Boogeyman" will be out at the top of 2012 co-produced by Atrasolis, a recent Overthrow signee who's in the midst of releasing a two-part EP.  We also are doing some collaborations with Timeline and Spinstyles who are also releasing material on the Overthrow label. The new Caligula EP is already in the works and will be out in early 2012!

Haven't you also been tracking with another mad cat?
As a recording engineer I've been working with Pharrell for a few years now, recording and mixing tons of projects in some obvious places (LA, NY, MIA) and some not so obvious (yachts). 

How'd you connect to that masterful craftsman?
Paying a ton of dues, being in the right place at the right time, and having the superpowers to control subsonic frequencies and melodies.

Is it safe to say 2012 will be the Year of the Emperor?
Definitely, I'm really excited for all the music that I've been working so hard at creating to be released to the masses and to keep playing bigger and bigger shows.

Caligula will be at Grand Central on Saturday night. If Skrillex shows up, you heard it here first. Or did you?

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