NiteTalk: Chattin’ ‘Bout True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse with Charlaine Harris

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True fans of HBO's True Blood know the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning series is based upon Charlaine Harris's The Southern Vampire Mysteries, which not only pre-date the small screen version, but -- like the show -- continue to this day. In fact, there's now a 12th book in the epic adventures of Sookie Stackhouse and her supernatural pals in Bon Temps. It's called Deadlocked, and Harris will be spilling about it at Books and Books on May Day.

Who's Sookie Stackhouse and how the hell did she get to be so popular? Sookie is a telepathic Louisiana barmaid, who has all kinds of adventures with the supernatural community. She's trustworthy, loyal, and brave. Sometimes she has to kill people. But not if she can help it.

In other words, she's not your average gal, right?
Hmmm. Well, I've never met anyone like her.

How long have you been booking her story? I've been writing Sookie novels for 14 years now. It took two years to find a publisher for the first one, Dead Until Dark.

So Sookie had a bit of a following long before True Blood? She did. I'd been on the bestseller lists a few times before the show went on the air.

What's she get into in Deadlocked? Oh, a few kidnappings, a murder investigation, some love making, and some terrible and wonderful situations.

Is there a 13th Stackhouse book waiting in the wings? Yes, I'm working on the 13th book now. It'll be the final book.

Any plans for any other kinda chronicles? Yes, I'm writing a graphic novel with Christopher Golden, and I'll be working on a new series, too.

Charlaine Harris reads from and discusses Deadlocked Monday May 1st 7pm at Books and Books. For more information log on here.

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