NiteTalk: Chris Graham Wants You to “Kill Your Idols”

Chris Graham Resized
Michael Maryanoff

A lot of folks claim to be Jacks of All Trades, but you don't need an abacus to tally the number that are actually Masters of All Trades too. Perhaps that's why Chris Graham stands out among Miami's nightlife ops. DJ, Marketing Director, Host and Consultant, Chris Graham is one of those new-fangled, go-to guys club owners and concert promoters call on when they're in need of some swingin' expertise. Currently, he's handling all the hype and much of the spin at Kill Your Idol, a retro bar that's a real big deal among a certain set South Beach heavy hitters. Here's how he breaks it down.

A quick Google search of your name reveals a clip of you interviewing Goldie during WMC 2007. What's the story behind that chat? At the time Bobby Radical and I had a show called Get Snooty, which was based on Miami's nightlife scene. We'd go around and give viewers an inside look at stuff that doesn't get much exposure here -- you know, the people and places that make it work. We tracked Goldie down at Studio A and cornered him in the gray room. Turns out the legend is a really nice guy!

Who else have you interviewed over the recent years and are there any plans to return to the form? We interviewed a bunch of cool local bands and personalities that are on the scene here, people who we felt were really doing new things and pushing it forward. No plans to revisit it yet -- it really is a lot harder than it looks. ... Plus, I have my hands full with Kill Your Idol.

What exactly is it that you do?
Ah, what I do. That's a good question. Pretty much everything ... a dad, DJ, promotion, host, marketing, bookings. ... Everything and anything pertaining to music, nightlife, art.

As Kill Your Idol's entertainment director, what exactly do you do? I set up our monthly art shows -- getting talented artists, hanging works -- book the bands, create interesting nights along with whichever DJs are playing ... and I try to listen to all the awesome music in our jukebox.

You're an old hand at new things. What's the main thing that will make Kill Your Idols different from all of the other clubs on South Beach? The main thing that makes us different, just on the surface, is the interior -- wall to wall art and other interesting things. Plus, the jukebox. I would have to say it's the best one in Miami!

We are really pushing art and local artists along with anything creative and different. Our DJs play stuff you won't here everywhere else. We are part of a community -- the people that make up the scene and that make things happen here in Miami. You could say it's a collective of very interesting and talented people. And everybody brings their own special vibe to the place.
Speaking of the past, what are some of the best clubs you've been involved with over the years? There were some really amazing places back when -- start nostalgic music now. Groove Jet, Liquid, Mission, the NFA parties, Washington Square, Cameo -- back when they did live shows). The Deuce, which is still awesome.

Is there a secret ingredient to a good night out on the town? A good night out on the town ... so many people chasing that ideal around. Good friends, good atmosphere, cold beer, great music. Seth Browarnik. Ha! Really, it's all about the person just being themselves in the moment. You really can have fun anywhere, even outside a bar standing on the sidewalk after they close.

Do you ever take a night off from nightclubbing, and if so, where do you go? I need more nights off, that's for sure. When you're in the biz, you're always on. I hang out with the fam, do yoga ... go skating. Jimbo's.

What's next for Chris Graham? That's another good one. Getting better at everything I do. You can never be too good. Smiling and laughing more with amazing people, bringing more great artists and acts to Kill Your Idol. Another yacht rock event.

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